“A miscellaneous collection of things”

OLIO Interiors is all about people.
People and the places they live.
People and the objects they find beautiful and meaningful.

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 At OLIO we believe

Warm outlasts cool

Homes are places of warmth where we connect with our best selves and the people we love. What is cool and trendy fades quickly. What is truly warm and timeless is you and your unique life.

Life is colourful

Neutral interiors are about real estate not real life. Embrace the colours you love and actively bring them into your home. Colour creates energy and makes us smile.

Celebrate positive connections

Every object you live with tells a story. Surround yourself with visual connections to your memories and aspirations. Objects important to you will always look great together.

Start from where you are

Your life is happening right now. There’s no perfect time. There’s no endless budget. Create the home you love, where you are and with what you have.

Andrea Higgs

is our Creative Director

Andrea is a true example of an OLIO life. Actively involved in art, craft and theatre making. Applying skills in education and counselling. Managing both people and projects. Always, always learning.

Andrea has pursued a wide-ranging career and a diversity of personal interests. The common thread for Andrea is always people, authenticity and getting worthwhile things done.

Andrea was awarded Most Outstanding Student for her Advanced Diploma of Interior Design. She is a Councillor for the Design Institute of Australia (SA/NT Branch).

Andrea brings a wonderful mix of intuition, creative energy and practical wisdom to every client interaction.

“Humans will always create homes and collect objects. It’s a central part of how we express and care for ourselves.
OLIO brings you the skills, networks and support to help you create your own true sense of home.”


OLIO can help with any aspect of your home interiors

Bathrooms and Kitchens | Furniture and Cabinetry | Curtains and Blinds | Flooring and Colour Schemes | Project Management

At OLIO we always start by learning about you. Our initial meeting in the greater Adelaide metropolitan area is free. In these meetings we often hear things like
“I don’t know where to start.”
“I’m not sure what I like.”
“I just don’t have the time.”
“I’m worried I’ll make the wrong decision.”
“I find choosing colours really hard.”
“I can’t find the things I want to buy.”

The good news is – we know exactly how to address all those issues (and lots more). After we’ve chatted we’ll email you some thoughts about how we could help you move toward your goals. If you’d like to work with us we’ll recommend starting with a clearly defined piece of work for a set fee. If you agree to go ahead you’ll pay a 50% deposit before we start and 50% when we’ve finished to your satisfaction. If we don’t think we’re the right match for you or your goal, we’ll let you know.


OLIO Interiors invites you to attend one of our Interior Design Experiences. They’re practical, fun and packed with useful information to help you create your best home.

OLIO Interior Design Experiences come in a variety of formats including tours and workshops.

OLIO Interior Design Experiences are offered as public events and are also available for private group bookings.


Contact OLIO to discuss Interior Design Experiences.

The Oliologist

In pursuit of an OLIO life/style

OLIO “A miscellaneous collection of things”

“Excellent communication skills, great time management and very creative thinking. I loved her work.”

“Olio executed the works with their own collection of trades and delivered a finish that was skilled and professional. Andrea is so clever and nothing ever seemed too much trouble.”

“Andrea listened and helped us understand our needs from the very start. The design of our new kitchen is beautifully resolved and works perfectly for our family.”

“Olio took my cramped home office and turned it into a bright and functional workspace that reflects both me and my business. Now I have a space where I can shine and do my best work.”

“Thank you for such a professional service. You listened to what I wanted and explained your suggestions in a way that addressed all my concerns. I’m so happy with the result.”


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OLIO Interiors provides Interior Design services in the greater Adelaide metropolitan area in Australia.

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